Warranty Policy

First, thank customers for trusting and using WebTYC's website design service (Webtheoyeucau.com). We are always trying our best to bring the best service & maximum support to customers during website operation, helping customers use the service effectively. Please read our website warranty policy to bring the best effect and prevent unnecessary risks.


Warranty scope


  • WebTYC supports technical requirements, monitors the process of website operations, records and fixes functional problems and systems built by WebTYC (according to the terms agreed in the contract).
  • In case of an incident outside the scope of warranty (in accordance with the terms agreed in the contract), WebTYC will advise promptly solutions to recover, support and restore the cost to customers.
  • Besides, customers' websites will always be updated with the latest features and technologies. WebTYC constantly upgrades new, most convenient versions for the website management system.


 Warranty period


 WebTYC warranty and maintenance-free 12 months from the date of official website delivery.

Note: The website case is not warranted

  • Website error due to improper operation instructions.
  • The website accidentally or intentionally reveals hosting information, website administration information to many people.


 Warranty form, website maintenance


The technical staff of WebTYC regularly backup data, directly solve technical problems arising during the operation of the website:

  • For simple errors, your website will be supported right after the time of recording the error. Besides, we also support customers flexibly from a distance: phone, email, Skype, ...
  •  For complex incidents, after accessing information, WebTYC will conduct an inspection and overcome it in the shortest time: from 12 - 48 hours.

* For quick technical support, please contact us via hotline: 092 803 4538 or via email: support@webtheoyeucau.com

Once again, WebTYC would like to thank our customers for their confidence in using our services. Wishing you and your family good health, and always be successful in life.