Iplus Architecture

Post date: 3/9/2020
Iplus Architecture or I + Architecture operates mainly in the field of design, architectural construction, in-depth consulting on interior design and construction.

From the motto of the brand: continuous innovation to bring a breakthrough architectural space, convenient and effective for customers with intuitive and user-friendly features, our mission is to create a brand identity system with simple and modern recognition in images and typography, but still ensure visual impression.

To highlight the spirit and power of Iplus Architecture, we chose a part of a streamlined building block to create a strong link between Iplus and their business. This block also has a clear presence of the brand name through the integration of the I and the + sign into the shape. The type recognition is a priority for the modern, solid but always exist breakthroughs, creativity through a number of lines of destruction.

Design by Hoa Pham


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