Gong Coffee

Post date: 3/9/2020
Daklak, considered one of the cradles to nurture the cultural space of the Central Highlands gongs, is famous for having the largest Robusta coffee production in Vietnam and the world's leading export. Gong Coffee is a story that combines the love for Daklak coffee beans and the pride of Gong culture. Therefore, we have integrated these two elements into the identity image to tell Gong Coffee's brand story.

Gong is a supplier of high quality roasted coffee with a source of coffee grown from the Vietnamese plateau. Gong Coffee's brand identity is the symbol of gongs and a center for all developments to emphasize regional cultural characteristics. Logo is a combination of Gong brand name and gong image. The graphic elements are also inspired by the gong and the sound waves are made from it.

The warm color symbolizes the origin of Gong coffee - the land of sunny basalt soil, which nurtures quality coffee beans.

Design by Hoa Pham

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