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Post date: 2/27/2020
Have you ever wished to have a salesman working really hard, constantly selling you from morning to night all day of the week? The employee did not complain, quit his job or raise a salary, nor needed any other social insurance or benefits. This employee is completely honest with the customer and also with you.

More specifically, this employee does not need to pay much, or sometimes just pay once can work for many months. What a dream employee! This is not a joke, because the ideal employee is a complete online marketing system! A complete online marketing system includes a proper marketing strategy, complete information survey, website, professional fanpage, media advertising services and brand image.

Each WebTYC's online marketing consultancy package will be your hard-working and loyal employee, bringing you not only long-term brands but also actual sales. Get a dream employee like that with WebTYC's Online Marketing service.

A complete online marketing system includes a proper marketing strategy, complete information survey, website, professional fanpage, media advertising services and brand image.


The world today and in the future:
Every business is to have online marketing advice


“I hope that after 15 years people will gradually forget the concept of e-commerce. Because they think they're as normal as electricity. ” Jack Ma - founder of Alibaba Group - talks about the future of online marketing.

Why did he say that?

Nowadays, advanced countries are indispensable for e-commerce and this market is almost fully exploited to the fullest potential and brings huge profits to billionaires as well as many. millionaires and thousands of other millionaires.

You should know, e-commerce field is indispensable for online marketing consulting. It can be said that owning a good online marketing system is a crucial factor of any e-commerce company. Even non-e-commerce companies, if you don't take advantage of the online business, you miss out on a huge, very important potential market and you have to competitors lead a distance.

It is very easy to prove that. You observe and realize how the internet has dominated our world. Today, all activities of life, contact with work are indispensable to the internet such as social networks facebook, google, website, video channels like youtube, ... Billions of people online every day can become potential customers. power. In Vietnam, in recent years the online business market has grown rapidly but there is still much potential.

The first is because many new fields have not applied online business, the second is due to the ineffective online marketing businesses due to lack of in-depth knowledge and effective online marketing solution consulting services. . Quickly deploy Marketing online for your brand to quickly lead the market offline!


Best tool for online Marketing


To perform a good online marketing campaign, you need to plan a specific strategy with the most optimal support tools, including:

  •     Web SEO tools: Keyword analysis tools based on the trend of finding web visitors, analyzing niche keywords, building good website content, backlinks and building website SEO standards onpage to website Or your fanpage can easily be found on search channels.
  • Advertising tools: like google ads, facebook ads, email marketing, youtube videos, ... to reach visitors effectively.
  • Link with sales and e-commerce channels to leverage the communication power of these sales channels, helping to bring your products to consumers more effectively.
  • Use social networking sites, especially facebook: take care of fanpage, increase likes effectively and create real interaction, links with other groups and fanpage.


Our marketingonline service


WebTYC team with solid expertise and lots of practical experience. We always analyze the factors of market information, competitors and product characteristics carefully before planning a long-term or short-term online marketing strategy.

We are always updating the best tools, optimizing the latest and most advanced methods for online marketing service packages. Ensure the best efficiency. WebTYC always put the interests of customers first, bringing long-term development solutions to partners plus a sense of responsibility, enthusiastic and professional advice.

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