5 tips to help run effective Facebook ads for newbies

Post date: 3/10/2020
Currently, there are many people running Facebook Ads to sell online. But what percentage of them run well, optimize the budget ?. The following article will give 5 tips to help run Facebook ads effectively that anyone who runs ads will be interested in

1. Target the standard audience

Nhắm đối tượng marketing

Target marketing object

You should remember a rule in sales that: "Sell what customers need, not sell what you have". Knowing they need those products but finding them is not easy at all. There are many ways to identify audiences in Facebook Ads, but within this article I will point out the most basic criteria, including:

1.1. Age

The audience should be subdivided into different ages to easily measure advertising effectiveness, so pay attention to the specific characteristics of each age group such as young, middle-aged, elderly...

1.2. Customer Insights

Understanding your customers is the most important factor that determines whether or not your advertising is successful.

1.3. Behavior

Facebook's algorithm is capable of recording all behaviors, interactions, favorite content ... of users, you should take advantage of this to reach the objects that have the most interactive behavior with your products are selling.


2. Making good content


Làm nội dung thật tốt

Good content making

Generally speaking, according to people running Ads, it is good Content. No matter what style of content you write, it is mandatory to meet the following basic criteria:

Make sure that the content is unique, the photo or content you publish must be unique or rarely appear on Facebook, Facebook will give priority to new and creative content. . That is also why the store or restaurant has a good team of photographers so that they can often change the image for their ads as well as their posts.

Content must hit the psychology, emotions of the viewer: This is considered an art in Content making, especially with social networks where there is strong spread and often follow trends. To do this well, you need to understand the product and the customer to write content that will appeal to them.

In addition, the color factor in the Facebook ad image is also very important, you can refer to the following article to choose for yourself the main color of the ad template: Which color brings the conversion rate the best?


3. Follow up regularly and continuously


On average, you should review the Report Facebook Ads once every hour, trying to analyze the most specific indicators. Do you know how many metrics Facebook can report? I'm sure 90% of people running Facebook Ads have never seen all of them.


4. Forget tricks, violations


This is a long-lasting story that many people talk about, not sure which is good, which is bad, but you should not play Tricky because it is very difficult to surpass Facebook, maybe you will benefit in the short term but about In the long run, you and the people who run ads in Vietnam will get the consequences. Facebook has very clear policies. After all, cooperation between both sides is beneficial to be sustainable. What do you think if your QC money increasingly expensive unreasonably?

Quite a lot of people choose to run "burst" of Facebook advertising money, accidentally making the advertising market become more expensive, making Facebook more tightened policies in Vietnam


5. Try lots of ads


Do not be foolish to put a lot of money in but just run a sample QC and then regret. First A / B test to be able to measure, determine which QC samples to run and which ones to stop, should run from small budget to large budget to be able to optimize effectively, increase the fastest Reach with the best price.

You should also try different forms of running Ads, optimize CPM, CPC, research on how ad serving algorithms can choose for you the most effective method from which to optimize ads, avoid unnecessary budget waste.

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