10 tips to create a super nice design

Post date: 3/9/2020
A design must meet all the factors to be considered a perfect and effective design. Let's explore some suggestions with WEBTYC

In design, simplicity is always an important criterion to help your work convey the message to the viewer in the most complete and successful way. When you want your design to really stand out, using too much of the design content will only make your work cramped and therefore, the ability to convey its message will be greatly reduced. . When you look at designs that are supposed to be beautiful and successful, it's easy to see what they have in common is simplicity.

Today, it's not just designers who need to know how to make a good design. To create a presentation for a class or simply a resume, you also need to know the basic principles such as page layout, arrangement of images or choosing the right typeface to make the work, my accomplishments attract more viewers.

So how to have a beautiful design?


Choose design tools


Design tools make a big decision to create a beautiful poster and show the professionalism of the designer. You can use software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe InDesign. However, using these graphic design software requires a lot of professional design skills.


Color scheme when designing poster template


Khi thiết kế poster bạn cần phải cân nhắc về việc lựa chọn màu sắc

When designing a poster you need to consider color options

You must make sure that you use colors that are appropriate for the subject and the message shown?
For example, when talking about nature, green can be preferred. However, there must also be a harmonious combination with other tones, so do not overdo this tone makes the poster feel heavy.


Pay attention to the white space


Chú ý tới khoảng trắng để tạo không gian “thở” cho poster

Pay attention to the white space to create a "breathing" space for the poster

White space in a poster is considered as a space to "breathe" between graphic elements. These spaces will make the poster more harmonious and airy. So don't forget to create the right white space.


Use high quality images


In addition to choosing the right image, you also have to take into account the quality of the image. Avoid using small images in large posters, causing them to break, blur, and blur, causing loss of aesthetics and discomfort to the viewer.


Arrange the text accordingly


While designing a poster you may have to use different font sizes and fonts. However, there must be considerations in the use of text. Where the important message is, there must be a plan to direct the eye of the viewer to focus on that information by choosing the position, font, font size, font color to convey the message more effectively.


Choose the right font


You have to choose the right font in your poster design. Because each font has a different meaning. For example, the Arial Bold (Sans Serif) typeface expresses strength and sturdiness; Times New Roman font (Serif) expresses softness and elegance ...


Font size in poster design


A poster that can convey a good message, the font size plays an important role. The viewer needs to be able to read the text when not near it. In particular, the viewer must clearly see the title of the poster within 6m, see the detailed information within about 2m. Also, remember: the font size on a computer is not the font size when printing a poster.


Pay attention to the layout when designing the poster


When designing the elements on your poster, you must pay attention to the laws of eye movement. Should we organize the important information that has been highlighted yet? Is the information displayed easy to read and understand? Do not put too many images on one side of the poster.


Use as little text as possible


These poster templates mainly convey the message with images. Therefore, you should limit the use of text as little as possible to increase communication efficiency. Because the human brain memorizes images faster than memorizing sentences.


Pay attention to the size of the poster


Kích thước poster là một trong những yếu tố quan trọng trong thiết kế poster

Poster size is one of the important elements in poster design

You can use the universal poster size or design suitable for the position where you are going to hang the poster.

In addition to the 10 elements above, when designing a poster you need to remember the following

  • Design a poster that suits your audience and customers. Does that design make it easy for customers to understand?
  • Having to convey the message that customers want, what is the purpose of the poster design? What is the message customers want to convey? Is the message easy to understand?

To design a beautiful poster template, don't forget to refer to the information on WebTYC. With this useful information we hope to help you in your poster design. Need assistance, please contact us immediately.

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